January 05, 2018

Collaborative Robotics

A Natural Evolution

Author : OMRON / Publisher: OMRON

Robots have drastically evolved. They are now performing medical miracles and working in places that are too dangerous for humans; carrying out complex and tedious tasks to save humans time and effort; and even self-repairing and building new robots with the recent convergence of sensor technology, AI (artificial intelligence), and Internet of Things (IOT). Such collaboration between humans and robots has brought upon massive change in the way we design, build and deploy robots in industrial automation, mobility, healthcare, and agriculture.

Much of what is reality today used to be just imagination and science fiction in the past, and the same could be said about our present imagination and its impact on our future. While the reality of a "human-like robot" is still in the far distant, some futurists are already looking beyond collaboration and at the next progression of human and robot interaction.

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